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Las Vegas

"How I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day" - Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas. Elvis was so right! What can we say - completely over the top and totally cool, this is another of America's must-see cities. What, you aren't a gambler? Not to worry - there is an endless array of activities to keep you busy day and night without going near a casino...but do try your luck at least once!

The big-name hotels of Las Vegas are mind blowing resort experiences in their own right, each vying to be bigger, more outrageously themed and glitzier than their rivals. The resorts seek to impress with the marquee names in entertainment, the newest most dazzling stage spectaculars and an array of bars, restaurants and shops to fill your days and nights.

Talking of shopping it will hardly have escaped your attention that the British Pound stretches even further in the USA these days. And Las Vegas has great shopping; from smart and sophisticated boutiques in the major hotels to eclectic Fashion Show Mall close to the Wynn hotel, one of the largest retail centres in America. For factory store shopping Las Vegas Premium Outlets offers leading names like Benetton, Dolce and Gabbana, Polo Ralph Lauren and Quiksilver.

Everyone should visit the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon even if you are on a short stay holiday to Las Vegas. There are numerous ways to see and appreciate this wonder of the world; fixed wing or helicopter trips, overnight stays at the Rim; flights that actually land on the floor of the Canyon; picnic trips; adventure treks; special celebration packages - the list is endless. Go America can book these for you in advance and arrange pick up and drop off from your hotel - just let us know what you have in mind.

Other half or full day trips to consider are to Hoover Dam, the incredible engineering project that blocked the Colorado River and created two lakes and whose raging waters produce electricity for millions of homes and Lake Mead, where you can enjoy a leisurely boat cruise.

Away from the resort hotels, the shopping and the day trips there are still numerous things to see and do. Among our favourites would be the Las Vegas Art Museum, where a recent favourite has been the "100 Years of Influence: The Women Who Shaped Las Vegas" exhibition. Then there is the Las Vegas Natural History museum where you will discover that Las Vegas was once located beneath an ancient sea; and for all that glitters, the Liberace Museum.

Finally, if you are planning to tie the knot there are literally hundreds of wedding chapels to choose from. You may wish to be joined in holy matrimony by an Elvis look-alike or opt for the convenience of a drive-through ceremony! It's all part of the fun-filled, crazy and irresistible world of Las Vegas.

"Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had the money."
Steve Wynn, billionaire developer

Las Vegas Map (centered on The Strip)


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February 66/33 19/0 0.6
March 73/39 23/4 0.6
April 82/46 28/8 0.2
May 91/55 33/13 0.3
June 102/62 39/17 0.1
July 107/68 42/20 0.2
August 105/67 41/19 0.5
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November 69/35 21/2 0.3
December 60/28 16/-2 0.3


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